by Sardine and Tobleroni


John Wayne is the emotional icon of America. He represents the strength, honor and way of the American male and way of living. America seen as an artificial concept built on the idea of one big family headed by the iconic John Wayne. He represents the strong, manly, hard working republican spirit of the white American male who loves America, the big family. He represents the American male or has an immense influence on the construction of the male gender of Americans which we consume via the media, the male character we subconsciously identify ourselves with. His influence might not be obvious at first sight but   is deeply rooted in the minds and hearts of people.

John Wayne starred in many films that built contemporary America and formed the American character fostering soldiers for political and financial wars, giving birth to men and women who blindly absorb ideas of fear causing mass paranoia forgiving past mistakes with great ease because America is one big family. We see the iconic John Wayne however   as an illusion, a lie created by the American government and propaganda machinery. He was in fact a man of fear, never been to war and famous for his racism. He is the very element that America is not supposed to be built on. The iconic John Wayne however is the contradiction.

John Wayne is Gay seeks to unveil the artificial construction of   the American male gender (and subsequently the rest of the world that consumes American culture) and its psyche by transforming the heterosexual nature of the American male (John Wayne) into a stereotypical homosexual male, into its opposite.


One of the pieces Sardine and Tobleroni will be showing is a room installation that consists of projected imaged and merchandize featuring Kate Middleton as a porn actress  – Princess Kate and Nigerian BoomBoom

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Press Release

SARDINE & TOBLERONI – SENSATIONS at the 54 th Venice Biennale

SENSATIONS – organized and curated by Werner Geldzahler for the 54 th Venice Biennale,
4 June – 27 Nov 2011,

Opening – Friday, 3 rd of June 18.00 – 23.00, Ca’ Giustinian, Venice

“If I don’t get an answer before this evening, I’ll take 25 pills and gently fall asleep into another world.”   – Eva Braun

Once again invited by the Venice Biennale Committee Professor Werner Geldzahler will be presenting for the very first time Sardine & Tobleroni’s latest and most comprehensive work titled SENSATIONS, a collection of so-called sensational art work during the 54th Venice Biennale from the 4th of June until the 27th of November 2011.

SENSATIONS challenges the very nature of art & political activism commenting on trends in politics and society. It is a critical view of mankind’s intellectual, social and cultural evolution/devolution. Sardine & Tobleroni have been working on SENSATIONS for over three years collecting audio-interviews and letters from convicted serial rapists and politicians, sperm donations, suicide tapes etc. Some of the works in the SENSATIONS- collection have already stirred up great controversy resulting in Sardine & Tobleroni to be blacklisted in various art competitions and institutions.

Among many other pieces of work the following will be shown:

  • I fuck you and I don’t care if it hurts
  • The story of Money & Power
  • Camp of Idiots
  • Men this way and Women that way
  • Nazi Love
  • John Wayne is Gay – Dance, baby, dance
  • Ultrasound Baby
  • The Filmstar
  • Princess Kate and Nigerian BoomBoom

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The official opening party for SENSATIONS takes place on Friday 3rd of June 2011 at 6pm at Ca’ Giustinian with an introduction by Professor Werner Geldzahler and Bice Curriger, curator of the 54th Venice Biennale, followed by a Q&A with Sardine & Tobleroni, Biennale president Paolo Baratta and Gerald Malanga.  There will be a special appearance and performance by the Surviving Members of Andy Warhol’s Factory and Captain Kirk-Is-the-Best.

If you would like to attend the opening reception, then please send an email to . With the heading titled: Sardine & Tobleroni, along with your full name. Please take note that there should be only one name per email due to a very large amount of already confirmed guests.

Sardine & Tobleroni

The Swiss-Portuguese art duo Sardine and Tobleroni have surfaced to the world of art in 2010 with their first solo exhibition We Love 77 in London which received thousands of visitors and made major headlines. The decidedly unique pairing, Sardine & Tobleroni have been working together for four years. Sardine & Tobleroni’s most spectacular stunt was their in 2009 instigated “Shit Run” at London’s Tate Modern where 50 volunteers covered in human feces were asked to run around Tate Modern shouting out loud the phrase “You think shit. You buy shit. You are shit!” Subsequently Sardine & Tobleroni got arrested and charged with a fine of £10.000. For more info:

Paolo Baratta, Biennale president :   “Sardine & Tobleroni are probably the most exciting artists of this century. Annoying, awkward but very friendly.”

TimeOut: “At last art is art again!”

ArtReview: “Sardine & Tobleroni are an iconic art duo that a place among the biggest names in art history.”

The Guardian: “England can be proud of their immigrant sons Sardine & Tobleroni.”

Johnny Depp:” Sardine and Tobleroni – Unknown yet but a coming tsunami that will shatter the world of art. Good boys.”

Sardine and Tobleroni - Sensations